More great photos from Nate Hovee in Istanbul

For the first series of fantastic photos & Nate’s reflections, please click here.

The sun radiates through the twisting trees of Büyükada Island (a few miles off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey)

The beautiful shoreline of Büyükada Island and the surrounding Marmara Sea

Carriage ride on the Büyükada Island, the largest of the nine Princes’ Islands in the Marmara Sea. Other than biking or walking, this is the only form of transportation allowed on the islands.

A trip to Büyükada Island in Turkey’s Marmara Sea takes any visitor back in time. Victorian-era houses and carriages keep history alive on this secret gem just outside of Istanbul.

A ferry takes visitors across the Bosphorus Straight in Istanbul. This popular form of public transportation connects Europe and Asia, with each ride taking approximately 15 minutes.

The Blue Mosque rises above Istanbul’s Old City

Inside Hagia Sophia

As day turns to night, lights throughout Istanbul’s Old City illuminate the beautiful architecture from centuries past.

The facade of the Library of Celsus (built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD) stands strong in Ephesus, Turkey

A hike along the southern coast of the Black Sea, just outside of Istanbul, Turkey

While exploring ancient ruins in Bergama, Turkey, a Yeditepe student stops for a photo opportunity

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