Fantastic photos from Nate Hovee in Instanbul

Nate Hovee is currently studying at Yeditepe University in Instanbul, Turkey, as part of a WKU international exchange program. Nate will graduate from the Honors College this spring with majors in theater and broadcasting. This is his fourth study abroad program.

Please see his fantastic photos & reflections on his experience below.

Proud to represent WKU on Yeditepe University’s campus (Asian side of Istanbul)

Visitors to Hagia Sophia, Istanbul’s most famous ancient mosque (now a national museum), admire the numerous chandeliers adorning the main hall.

Inside Hagia Sophia. The immensity and beauty (not to mention the long history) of this ancient mosque draw thousands of visitors daily in Istanbul’s “Old City.”

Looking toward the Blue Mosque from the colorful domes of Hagia Sophia

While exploring “Old City” Istanbul, I stopped briefly in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Park. In the background, The Sultanahmet Mosque, commonly referred to as the “Blue Mosque” for its richly colored ceiling tiles, rises above the ancient city.

Turkish residents enjoy a conversation in the park near Hagia Sophia

The Blue Mosque (as seen from the balcony of Hagia Sophia)

A beautiful evening in the park of “Old City” Istanbul

Honors Experience in Turkey: Invigorating Istanbul by Nate Hovee

From the moment I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, two months ago for the start of my international exchange program at Yeditepe University, I have been amazed at just how much this sprawling city of over 15 million people has to offer. From its rich culture and history to the delicious food, awe-inspiring architecture, colorful festivals, and welcoming Turkish citizens, Istanbul is very much an “alive” metropolitan community with so much to offer to any international student.

As an Honors broadcasting and theatre double-major, I am currently studying film production, visual communication, and acting at Yeditepe University, one of the largest academic institutions in the country. One great aspect of my educational experience at Yeditepe is the amount of customized film, media, and photography projects I’m able to carry out around Istanbul. This invigorating city (the entire country, for that matter) has become my classroom with limitless opportunities to stretch my creative mind and skills.

Being in a foreign place with an unfamiliar  culture and language is not easy, but that challenge is something I truly love about studying abroad. My experiences thus far in Turkey have repeatedly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I realize at that point, I really begin to learn, appreciate, and even genuinely enjoy the unexpected encounters and opportunities thousands of miles away from the “safety net” of my own culture. The thrill and adventure in not knowing what to expect on a daily basis (and the amount I learn not only academically, but personally in the process) continue to make my international exchange program in Turkey one of the best experiences as a WKU WorldTopper.

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