Dillon Pender’s CE/T has been accepted for publication!

  • To be published in the journal Frontiers in Bioscience
  • Title: Bactericidal Activity of Starch-Encapsulated Gold Nanoparticles
  • Abstract: We report the bactericidal applications of eco-friendly starch encapsulated gold nanoparticles (St-AuNPs). The mechanism of interaction of the properly characterized St-AuNPs with both Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria were investigated using spread plate assay, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and fluorescent propidium iodide (PI) exclusion assay. The St-AuNPs were found to possess significant dose dependent antibacterial activity against both types of bacteria. St-AuNPs at 1.2 mg/mL caused 98 % eradication of Gram positive bacteria that was exposed over a period of 12 h.  Similarly, 4.8 mg/mL St-AuNPs caused 98 % eradication of Gram negative bacteria over a period of 12h. The St-AuNPs are biocompatible and present a useful solid porous carbohydrate-based polymer vehicle with excellent antimicrobial activity against both Gram negative and positive bacteria.
  • Dillon on his background & future plans: “I am originally from Elizabethtown, KY where I graduated high school in Spring 2009, then began attending Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC). By attending ECTC I became the first member of my family to attend college. I graduated from ECTC with Associate degrees in Science and in Art in Spring 2011. I then transferred to WKU the summer after I was part of the WKU REU program, where I first met my research advisor Dr. Raja and first became involved with research. I will graduate from WKU this upcoming Spring 2013 with my BS in Chemistry and Biology. I have been accepted to the University of Louisville School of Medicine and plan on attending next Fall in 2013.”
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