2 Day Film Challenge

All – Nov. 2 @ 7 PM in the MMTH auditorium we’ll have the kick-off of the ninth annual 2 day film challenge.  Open to all –  students (high school as well) professionals, alumni etc.  Friday night the “variables” are assigned, completed films are submitted on Sunday night Nov. 4, with showings and awards on Monday night (Nov. 5) @ 7.    All events are  in the MMTH auditorium.  All are open to the public.  Cash prizes, giveaways etc.
Sponsored by the School of Journalism and Broadcasting.  If you are interested in sponsoring, we can create a category for the type of film you wish to see awarded a prize.
For info and entry forms: http://www.2dayfilmchallenge.com or Steve White 55891
Please announce to classes – perfect opportunity for student engagement, team building, collaboration, community outreach, supplemented student income etc. Thanks.

(Source: Email from Steve White, Oct 22, 2012)

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