Kenya: From Independence to the 21st Century

Isaac Muhando, Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant for Swahili in the Department of Modern Languages at Western Kentucky University, will give a campus-wide talk about his native country of Kenya on Thursday, October 25, at 4 p.m. in the Faculty House on the main campus of Western Kentucky University. A reception will follow.

Mr. Muhando comes from Nairobi, Kenya, where he taught English and Sports at Mahanaim International School before coming to WKU. In the past, he has served as Peer Educator Supervisor for “I Choose Life Africa,” an organization engaged in AIDS prevention in East Africa.

Mr. Muhando’s talk on October 25 is titled “Kenya: From Independence to the 21st Century.” The Republic of Kenya has experienced tremendous growth in all sectors since it gained independence from Britain and began a new era of self-governance. His talk will address events and processes the Republic of Kenya has undergone from independence to the present day. He will address key reforms and substantive changes that are taking place as a result of the new constitution that was voted in unanimously by the people of Kenya in 2010. In this presentation, Mr. Muhando will highlight key developments Kenya has achieved in the education, political, economic and health sectors, and give a brief look at prospects for the future.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages at Western Kentucky University. First and second semester Swahili courses are offered every year. Contact Swahili FLTA Isaac Muhando or Department Head Laura G. McGee for more information at or call (270) 745-2401.

Study abroad in East Africa is offered through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies program in Tanzania in 2013. Courses offered in 2013 include public health, political science, and Swahili language and culture. See KIIS or call (270) 745-4413 for more information.

(Source: Email from Laura McGee, Department Head, Modern Languages & Associate Professor of German, Oct 19, 2012)

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