Free Honors Colloquium on Entrepreneurship (HON 300) this Winter term 2013!

HON 300:  Capturing the Innovative Spirit

  • Term:  January 2013
  • Instructor:  J. Krist Schell, MBA, Executive-in-Residence in Management
  • Day/Time:  MTWRF, 9:00 AM—12:15 PM
  • To apply for enrollment in this course, please email Professor J. Krist Schell

This unique Honors Colloquium is funded by a grant from Innovate Kentucky.  All students accepted for enrollment in this course will have their full tuition, room, board, and books paid for.  In other words, this is an innovative, exciting, and completely free three-hour Honors Colloquium.

This interdisciplinary Honors Colloquium focuses on entrepreneurship, giving you the opportunity to develop your inner passion in a supportive environment.  Each day you will share your ideas, formulate questions, overcome obstacles, and support your fellow entrepreneurs. There will be many chances to explore entrepreneurial concepts and gain the tools and strategies necessary to make your ideas a reality.  As part of this course, you will enter the WKU Campus Business Plan Competition with the chance to represent WKU in statewide competition in 2013.

Course leader, Executive-in-Residence J. Krist Schell — who regularly leads winning teams to successful enrollment in the WKU Student Business Accelerator, and frequently advises competitive business plan teams and WKU’s Students in Free Enterprise Team—will closely work with you to help you achieve your dream.

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