Colloquia in Spring 2013

Here is the preliminary list of HON 300 colloquia that will be offered in Spring 2013. Please note that they are all 3 hour courses unless otherwise noted. Course descriptions will be added soon. They should post on TopNet on Mon, Oct 8. Early registration starts at 5am on Mon, Oct 29.

  • An Interconnected Future: Local & Global Issues in the 21st Century, Nathan Phelps, TR, 12.45-2.05
  • The Road Ahead, Nathan Phelps, MW, 9.35-10.55
  • Community Development, Bernie Strenecky, W, 3-5.30, Bowling Green High School
  • The Small Picture: Art & Micro-History, Ingrid Cartwright, TR, 11-12.20
  • The Web’s Impact on Our Mind & Future, Wolfgang Brauner, MW, 2-3.20
  • Nanotechnology: An Introduction, Nilesh Sharma, TR, 2.20-3.40
  • Monsters, Maggots & Morphine: Medicine & Society in Modern America, Audra Jennings, MW, 3-4.25
  • Chess Lessons & Lessons from Chess, Wieb van der Meer, W, 4-6.20
  • Environmental Sustainability Policy, Brian Sullivan, R, 4-6.45 (1.5 hours)
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