New DELO Faculty-Led Study Abroad Award for student projects

award announcement

The Division of Extended Learning & Outreach is committed to supporting student participation in faculty-led study abroad programs in partnership with Study Abroad & Global Learning.

  • Exclusive offer for students accepted into an approved WKU Faculty-Led Study Abroad program.
  • Deadline for Winter Term 2013 and Spring Break 2013: Friday, October 26, 2012 by 4 pm CDT
  • Summer 2013 deadline will be announced in January 2013.


  • Only the online application form will be accepted.
  • Submit a project proposal as a Word doc, a PDF or cut/paste the text into the box below.
  • Apply by the deadline for full consideration.
  • Award announcements will be made prior to the final payment deadline.
  • If awarded, you will receive an email stating the process of accepting the award.
  • The award will be sent to email address you provide below.
  • Award recipients are required to complete the project according to the terms of the award letter.
  • Amount granted is dependent on the scope and potential impact of the project and normally range from $150 to $500.  However, no minimum or maximum is guaranteed.


You may propose an individual or group project. For a group project, each person will report on his/her participation and individual impact of the effort.  Equal amounts are usually awarded for each member of a group.

We highly recommend that you speak with your professor leading the program about your project since it may also fulfill a course assignment.

While you are encouraged to develop your own project, here are some possible projects to consider:

  • Conduct a session at the Kentucky Statewide Study Abroad Symposium* or professional conference.
  • Create media displays that include subjects from your study abroad program (i.e. art, photo, audio, visual)
  • Publish journal article related to your study abroad program.
  • Conduct and document a project conducted in-country.

Applicants are encouraged to propose a project that has significant meaning to them.

* Statewide Study Abroad Symposium is to be held at Murray State University on Friday, February 1, 2013. This is the second annual symposium following the inaugural event last spring at Western Kentucky University. Stay tuned for registration and proposal details.

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