Kentucky Honors Roundtable Deadline for Papers: Fri, Oct 12

This semester, the Kentucky Honors Roundtable will be held on Murray State University’s campus. It is scheduled for Oct. 26th (starting around 6 p.m.) & 27th (ending around 2 p.m.), with presentations/posters scheduled for the morning of the 27th. Trip will be financed by the Honors College.

The proposal deadline to present at the Kentucky Honors Roundtable is Friday, October 12th.  You can access the proposal submission form at the following website:

There will be only one presenter per abstract (you) and you will all want to do a presentation, not a poster or panel. Dr. Baylis will be the director of your proposal and will have approved your presentations. Once submitted, email a copy of your proposal abstract to Dr. Baylis along with a note stating your plans to attend so that she can include you on future emails concerning the meeting (hotel, travel…).

If you have questions or need additional information, you can make an appointment by email, or you may call the Honors College at 270-745-2081 to schedule an appointment.

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