Students, please complete MAP-Works Survey to improve retention!

MAP-Works works:

In an effort to advance our “Rally for Retention” efforts, I am seeking your support in retaining our under­graduate students.  A critical focus for the University is to retain 80% of the freshmen class. In response to this area of importance, student support and academic units across campus have partnered to administer the 2012 MAP-Works Student Survey from September 16-October 1, 2012.

MAP-Works, which stands for Making Achievement Possible, is a web-based survey designed to col­lect information on students’ academic, social and personal adjustment to college.  The survey results are customized to offer students strategies for success by directing them to campus services and resources available to them. Students received an email from the Office of Enrollment Services complete with directions on how to log-on and complete the survey.  As of 4 p.m. today, 15.6% of our students have responded!

During the pilot year of the MAP-Works program (Fall 2011), the significant efforts coordinated by WKU’s Housing and Residence Life (HRL), Academic Advising and Retention Center (AARC), Corner­stone Program, and academic advisors campus-wide yielded positive results.  An analysis completed by the Office of Institutional Research (IR) revealed a significant difference in the fall to spring retention rates between the students who were contacted by WKU staff through MAP-Works compared to those who were not contacted.

These results offer promise for the full integration of MAP-Works at Western Kentucky University.  The program, when effectively used, can help us identify students at risk of not returning to campus AND those who may not think are at risk at all! For students who may not be typically considered at risk indicated that what they liked least about college was:

· Substantial amounts of reading assignments

· Roommate issues and financial difficulties

· Transitioning into a collegiate social life that is varyingly different from that at home

· Homesickness (leaving and being away from family and friends)

Please encourage your students to complete the survey and take advantage of the resources available

to them to be academically successful!  The retention of our students has become increasingly important and it is our collective responsibility to assist in ushering our students to graduation!

Thank you for your support and participation. If you have any questions about MAP-Works, please contact
Sharon Hunter, MAP-Works Campus Coordinator,


Joelle Davis Carter, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Retention & Student Services

(Source: Email from Dr. Joelle Davis Carter to faculty & staff, Sep 17, 2012)

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