Faculty-Led Study Abroad courses offer diverse opportunities in Winter Term

WKU News, Fri, Sep 14, 2012

Students interested in studying abroad this winter will have several choices through WKU Faculty-Led Study Abroad. Courses will be offered in Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico and Cuba, as well as a course in Costa Rica for Gatton Academy students.

  • Community, Place, and Leadership on the Amazon Frontier will offer a unique opportunity for graduate students and advanced undergraduates to engage in experiential learning in Peru. The course will emphasize independent research projects focused on the contrast between rural and urban areas of the Peruvian Amazon. The course takes place in Iquitos and Madra Selva Biological Station, Peru. In-country portion takes place Dec. 27-Jan. 12.
  • Sustainable Development issues in Amazonian and Galapagos Ecuador will give students a better understanding of the food, land and people of the area as each relates to sustainability. The course will emphasize the uniqueness of the Galapagos and Amazonian regions and its effect on people, social issues and governmental policies. In-country portion takes place Jan. 5-18.
  • Partners in Caring – Medical Service-Learning will be offered through a partnership between Kentucky physicians and the Taveta District Health Office. Through this course, pre-med students will conduct rural medical clinics in the impoverished villages of the Kasigau region of Kenya to increase health promotion and disease prevention. The course will give students a greater understanding of Kenyan culture and a sense of social responsibility for all people. In-country portion takes place Dec. 29-Jan. 19.
  • Maya-Mexico, Past & Present is an Honors colloquium and geography course taking to the Yucatan region of Mexico to explore the splendor of ancient Mayan civilization. Students will study contemporary dynamics of economic development, oil and politics, ethnic identity, and social and environmental concerns. In-country portion takes place Dec. 29-Jan. 12.
  • Cuban Literature & Culture is an Honors colloquium and Honors English course leading students to explore and discuss the history, literature, art and architecture of Cuba. In-country portion takes place Jan. 5-13.
  • Gatton Academy students will also have the opportunity to complete a research program in Costa Rica. This course will expose students to many aspects of tropical biology while exploring habitats in a biodiversity hot-spot. In-country portion takes place Jan. 2-16.

WKU Study Away administers Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs in partnership with faculty and staff program leaders, their academic units, Study Abroad & Global Learning and the Office of International Programs.

Contact: Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231 or jerry.barnaby@wku.edu

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