International Reach Week (Sep 24-29)


Calendar of events

Questions? Contact the OIP Coordinator!

WKU’s Office of International Programs (OIP) announces its second annual International Reach Week, set to take place during the last week in September (24-29). The week-long series of events is designed to spotlight the many ways in which our faculty, staff, and students are helping to make WKU “a leading American university with international reach”.

To accurately reflect the scope of WKU’s international activity, OIP invites participation from across campus. Read below for more information on WHO and WHAT we hope to see at International Reach Week.


All are welcome!

  • Student Clubs
  • Departments
  • Campus Offices/Units
  • Community Member/Groups
  • Etc.


We hope to see a diverse assortment of activities and events that spotlight our campus and community-wide global engagement—as such there is no specific type of event that would be more appropriate than another. Last year’s International Reach Week included:

  • Fairs
  • Lectures
  • Art exhibits
  • Student presentations
  • Faculty and staff development workshops
  • Films
  • Tours of international centers/offices
  • Etc.

If your office/program is interested in participating in International Reach Week and would like to appear in the event calendar and promotional items distributed by OIP, please email the Coordinator of International Programs. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Title and brief description of the type of event you/your office plan to host
  • Date/time/location of planned event
  • Contact person’s name and email address

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